Product Information

We use the cacao husk to brew it over night. Then after bottling our cold brew cacao with its natural ingredients, we use HPP technology (High Pressure Processing) to extend shelf life and maintain the nutritional benefits.

We use HPP technology (High Pressure Processing). This process puts a lot of cold-water pressure to each bottle and helps preserve its flavors as well as it’s nutritional benefits.

We always go cold HPP and always stay away from heat that would eliminate all the good stuff.


Our beverages are ready to drink! But if you preferred them hot, you can always make it that way! It will be like a hot tea.

We partnered and work with cacao producers of fine cacao from Guatemala. We not only know the communities we work with but we know the REAL people behind the cacao fruit and the practices to harvest it. Learn more here

All our beverages need and require refrigeration. Once opened, they must be consumed within 3 days. 


Yes, they are naturally GLUTEN FREE.

Yes, they are naturally PALEO. 

No. We use HPP Technology (High Pressure Processing) to extend shelf life. This way we steer away from preservatives and heat. This allows to preserve flavors, nutrients and shelf life.

No. No dairy is contained. 

STORES: Today we are currently sold in stores in the Chicago area as well as in Milwaukee. Feel free to shoot as mail to: so we can share with you the whole store list. 

ONLINE: You are in the right place. This is our website and we sell online and deliver straight to your doorstep or wherever you need in the continental US.

Order & Shipping Information

Our courier service picks orders on various days during the week. Any order placed on Mondays will ship Tuesday. Any order placed on Tuesday will ship Wednesday. Any order placed Wednesday will ship either Thursday or the following Monday. Orders placed on Thursdays will ship either Friday or the following Monday. Orders placed on Fridays will ship Monday. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will ship either Monday or Tuesday. 

Considering the ship times described in the previous question, after courier pick up, we deliver within 48 hours of shipping. 

We give you an order number that you can track. Additionally our automated messages let you know when your order has been shipped, tracking number assigned by courier service, etc. 

Yes, we ship cold inside boxed/containers designed to preserve temperature alongside ice/gel packs. 

Feel free to write in our contact page. We will be happy to help out and assist with any question relating to our Products, Joopa Brand, Orders, Order Modifications, Shipping, Returns & Cancelations.